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Return Policy

Contact method:
1. For inquiries about order, delivery or return and exchange, customers can email us at sunyinshophk@gmail.com or WhatsApp / WeChat 6114 1731.
2. When contacting, please be sure to provide the order number and email contact method for follow-up.

1. If the customer receives the ordered product that is damaged and cannot be used (not the customer's fault) or the product is not the ordered product, the customer can request us to return the product within seven days after receiving the product.
2. Return and exchange process and matters needing attention:
2.1. The goods must be unused and in the original state of sale, together with all accessories and other accessories (including consumables, bags, boxes) and related gifts provided with the goods.
2.2. Contact us within seven days of receiving the goods, request a return or exchange, provide relevant photos and fill in the return form. Late applications will not be accepted.
2.3. We will notify the customer as soon as possible whether to accept the return and exchange application based on the reported situation.
2.4. The customer is responsible for properly wrapping the returned goods and related expenses or making an appointment to our office for return and exchange arrangements.
2.5. If the goods are returned by express delivery, we will make arrangements within seven working days after the goods are returned. If we have not received the returned goods from the customer within seven days after we confirm the acceptance of the customer’s return application, it shall be deemed as a waiver. We have the right to refuse to process the application for return and exchange of the order again. Any loss or additional costs will be borne by the customer.
2.6. We reject all unaccepted goods that are returned by courier in advance, and customers must bear the relevant losses and all costs.
2.7. We do not accept refund requests except in the case of out of stock or special approval. Refund arrangements will generally be completed within 30 days after our confirmation. In the case of out of stock and unable to exchange, we can let customers choose to refund to the bank account or return the relevant money in the form of member shopping gold. For refunds arranged under special approval, we will only return it in the form of member shopping gold.
2.8. In case of any disputes, we reserve the right of final decision and interpretation.

In the following situation, sorry! We were unable to process your return application:
1. Product packaging defects caused by transportation (such as not limited to dented plastic bottles, slight damage to the pump head, peeling of product stickers, etc.), and the defect does not affect the product function;
2. The return request is made on the day of receipt of the goods, seven days later;
3. Goods that have been opened, used, or damaged due to personal reasons;
4. The products to be returned are cosmetics, food, gifts or premiums;
5. The customer's shipping documents are missing or incomplete;
6. The product is not provided by us;
7. There is no quality problem in the goods itself;
8. Because of the difference between the website picture and the actual color, the request for return and exchange is required.